Bengali Horror Comedy Movies about Happy Bhoots Gorom Moshla 

Bengali Horror Comedy Movies about Happy Bhoots

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bengali Horror Comedy Movies about Happy Bhoots Soja Bhoot. Bnaka Bhoot. Roga Bhoot. Mota Bhoot. Well, the beloved song forgets about the most loving of bhoots: the happy bhoot. If you thought Bengali ghosts are all about sakchunnis and brohmodotyis who wring your head and have... Read More

Top 5 Bengali Films Based on True Stories

Reading Time: 3 minutes All of us love watching a film. A good movie supported by a great script and acting prowess makes it all the more admirable. There are loads of chances to make a story worth watchable with fiction. However, the film takes a different dimension altogether when... Read More
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Cinemate Khai Khai – A Gourmet Movie Affair

Reading Time: 2 minutes Food is indeed one of the sensitive, attractive, interesting, and favourite topics to discuss, speak or write about. Especially, if you’re a Bengali, you can absolutely relate to my feelings. From weekdays to weekends, party menus to normal daily staples, treats to self-cooked delights, we enjoy... Read More
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CholoChitre Kolkata – Ek Raash Nostalgia

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kolkata has its own fervour, be it a good or a bad one. To us Bangalis, especially the ones who stay away from the city, anything related to it evokes wistful nostalgia. It was a rainy evening when I boarded a tram while travelling to College... Read More