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An Open Letter to Uma Boudi from Jhuma Boudi!

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My Dearest Uma,

Your entry in Indralok in Dupur Thakurpo Season 1 changed my life. 

Despite the fact Jiban Babu no longer kept in touch, I looked for him while humming Tuki. Uma, If you weren’t there, I would have never ended up at GBC in Dupur Thakurpo Season 2, looking for my dearest Hubby. Thanks for your contribution, my time with my Thakurpos went amazing and in the upcoming episodes I’m awaiting for more. I would have also not met my chaste and celibate ThakurpoChhorda had I not come to GBC. And most importantly I would have never taken an oath to change the system, break the norm. A norm which deprive those poor Thakurpos to have intimacy with their favorite Boudi. After all only a Boudi can understand the agony which goes through a single and bachelor Thakurpo, right?

Did you not find the relationship between a Thakurpo and Boudi as pure as a lotus? 

When MTV sang ‘Tomar Chokhe‘ did you not groove with the flow of the sweet melody? I’ll tell you a secret it felt out of the world to groove with the ‘Holi Song’ with my Thakurpos. I felt a shiver in my spirit which I’m sure, you, once felt while swaying with ‘Lagelu‘. Even though we’ve never met, our contributions in the lives of our sweet Thakurpos have been equally mesmerizing. For us they got what they needed. A loving caring Boudi to call their own, a friend in need and a fantasy in dreams. Your charm led them Thakurpos to GBC and my oozing dose of temptation kept them sane and lively. 

Uma, we must be happy and proud for our beloved Thakurpos as  we know they love to say ‘O Boudi‘ like no one else in town because only they understand that Boudis are always Superhit!  (Am I a bit more than you, already? 😉 )

With love,



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