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Smartass Shonibar: Nuclear Fiction

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The world’s largest technological release with infinite budgets took over every Indian film ever! But before you head of Avenging your views dear Bongo-shontan, wait till you see the behind the scenes VFX making of the films. This Postmodern world we live in, much like the word itself is fragmented. “The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” is also one world view. But what does it mean?

So as the word goes, art is a reflection of society and what technology we have is literally on our screens (read Black Mirror). Hence an Amazon Obhijaan could not have been produced in Kolkata if technology and the inter-webs had not penetrated and made feasible such a HUGE film. But it also means that there is a lack of “originals” in this world run by sequels, prequels and remakes in cinema. The thought of the perfect film takes my breath away, but film isn’t to be perfect it’s to tell the story.

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

Getting back to the topic, we want to watch real cinema, but Musk just sent a car into Mars (well he tried) and we love diving into our sci-fi(made fact through tech)-fantasy universe films. As thinker Marshal Mcluhan predicted; the digital world is also seen as the extension of one self (Apple anyone?). What do we do but express our original selves online by sharing a list of memes on our timeline? The reason why digital is a medium and a thought process is the same. It is a medium of expression of audio-visual art that is created by digital thinkers for data consumers. This virtual-ity has augmented into our reality letting us experience a military shoot-out without actually being there, or video calling our long distance mother. This WW(W) is also a potential end of the world situation, with nuclear war and a water crisis. But at least I can listen to and openly discuss things with the world, or can I…?


Cover image is a beautiful painting by Anukta M Ghosh/Mojarto (Kolkata Kaleidoscope).

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