Golpokar Tumi 

Galpokar Tumi: Out of Syllabus!

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Every morning they meet. They wear the same uniform, go inside the school together, and sit in the same class (standard 3). They smile at each other, share a sweet glance but haven’t spoken ever. Pari and Sobuj are classmates in Elite International School; a posh school that allows 5% of meritorious students from a humble background. This is how Pari got admitted.

There’s nothing different between them, yet, everything is so different. Every morning Sobuj gets down from his big Audi accompanied by his governess who barely leaves him till the school gate. Pari, on the other hand, comes to school with her father in his cycle and get kisses every day before entering the school.

Both glances at each other, Sobuj’s eyes look for the same comforting kiss from his dad and Pari gets elated by his neat and clean dress, stylish bag and bottle unlike hers. Once Sobuj even tried talking to Pari when he was restricted and scolded by his governess. Pari didn’t even dare to speak to him after that.

Days passed and these two kids couldn’t even meet due to the social wall created by their elders until one day when their parents got late to pick them up. The monsoon hit the town early this year, hence, everybody left as soon as possible and the school gate was closed. Sobuj was happy and smiling, on the other hand, Pari was fearful. She sat on one corner near the gate and was sobbing continuously. “Would you mind a chocolate?”, asked Sobuj. Pari looked up and smiled. How can she ignore a chocolate? They sat together and started talking. They talked about family, home, hobbies, etc.

Suddenly it started raining. From light drizzle, it started pouring cats and dogs. The two kids ran to find shelter but didn’t get any. Soon it became dark. Winds howled and lightning struck a distant tree. The two little ones held each others hands and started running. Instead of the usual road, they took a slight bend by the roadside.

The constant run made them tired. Their legs started aching and Pari could barely walk. After a while, suddenly Sobuj saw a beautiful cottage amidst the greeneries. Garden all around, smoke coming out of the chimney, and a nice aroma filled their heart.

Exhausted and hungry, they went near the cottage. They called out if anyone was there, but nobody answered. Pari wanted to leave but Sobuj comforted her telling they would wait until it stopped raining. Both of them tiptoed inside. It was a cosy cottage with beautiful décor.

There were swing inside, lots of toys, instruments to play and table full of food. Both of them laughed, played, enjoyed, ate, and slept. Hours passed and Sobuj got up with a sudden loud sound. His eyes opened wide and he started pushing Pari who was deep asleep. Sobuj stood up and…

What do you think? What happened next? Stir your inner writer and complete the story. Send in your version and we would publish the best one here.

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