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Bong-Phoron! A Conceptual Tickle in Bong Sentiments

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Being a Bengali in India, or otherwise, is a funny thing. We have a beer named after our culture, and a disease called Joy Bangla!

Bangalis are known to take a joke well, but more often seen that they are the ones to joke about everything, especially themselves. There are many such roshik communities all over the internet creating a buzz, what I would loosely call a Millenial Bengali culture. Their influence helps us share our opinions and PJs internationally.

Their WhatsApp forwards, often not understood by our cosmopolitan groups (and our parents), are always shared with our Bong Buds! Here’s a list of favourites from Hoyejak!

1. Bankura Memes 3.0

The much-discussed Bankura memes v.03. (bhenge jete pari kintu…) is up and churning out jokes for us; contextual or otherwise. Their unique voice, where the tongue isn’t in the cheek, rather outside, is witty, colloquial and on point.

Here’s a typical Bankura Meme for you:

2. The Bong Sense

The quintessential Bong page, on this list, is Bong Sense. Their doodles and illustrations have captured the hearts and minds of Bengalis and A-Bengalis alike. The calm, minimalist demeanour and powerful command over digital relevance have together contributed to make them a community of over 3 lakh people, and more as we speak.

3. Bong Dude

Their self-explanatory name, endless posts of Thanos and Goopi Bagha, and other such Bong feat-ures often cause the ROFLMAO syndrome. Keep being the dude, dude!

Without writing more, I’ll let this video do the talking:


4. BongPen:

The poetic liberties that we take in our thinking or writing, often are results of our thought process. Writers with their pens dipped in the Calcuttan ink, derive inspiration from the nooks and corners of the city. That I believe, is what BongPen stands for, Quality memes for Kwality people.

5. Lyadh kheteo aj kal lyadh lage *yawn*:

The main reason this page is on our list is due to its name, and how I personally relate to it even while writing this article. All that aside, these guys pictorially and through their witty copy represent what it is like to be a typical lyadhkhor Bangali in this fast-paced world. Imagine yawning on a hot afternoon and lazily sharing memes from this lyadhkhor page.

These just touch upon the endless bong-ness of meme pages and communities. Are there any of your favourites that we’ve missed out? Please do mention them in the comments below. We would love a healthy dose of daily memes right in the start of the day. So, ektu khilli hoyejak?

Feature Image Credit: The Bongsense

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