Tweets on Typical Bengali Things that Bongs will Relate toFeatured 

Tweets on Typical Bengali Things that Bongs will Relate to

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Bengalis. India loves to stereotype us, as much as we love to fight back. But deep inside, we know that there are some things that are strongly Bangali in nature. And we don’t mind Tweeting about such things, either. From Durga Puja to Borshakaaler Khichuri, from monkey cap to funny moms, it’s all typical Bengali things that every Bangali will relate to.

Tweets on typical Bengali things that Bongs will relate to:

Tweets on Typical Bengali Things that You'll Understand if You're One of Them
Tweets on Typical Bengali Things that You’ll Understand if You’re One of Them (FUnsaCK)

Trust the Bong Twitterati to bring out the best and the funniest of every world. They did the same when it came to pointing the idiosyncrasies of Bongs. Here are the best Tweets about signature Bong things:

1. If it’s raining, we need Khichuri:

2. Caring Bong moms and their naak golano:

3. They love to scold you when people are around:

4. Speaking of Bong mothers…

5. After Durga Pujo, it’s time for Lokkhi Pujo:

6. Bongs and their siesta:

7. When a Bangali child responds logically during an argument:

8. Dugga Dugga

9. Flipside of Daaknaam

10. Winter is coming:

11. It started with Janmobhoomi and Janonee:

12. The Holy Trinity of Machh, Bhaat, and Ghum

13. The Laal Tip

14. Daal Bhaat and Lebu – Heaven!

15. To be fair, we can also say words like “Pratyutpannyomoti” and “Kingkortobyobimurho”:

16. We also made a film about it:

17. Conversation between and Bong and a non-Bong:

18. Road Rash – Kolkata edition:

19. Our nireeho style of violence:

20. Bongs prefer to attack your intelligence instead of using sexist cuss words:

21: Speaking of cuss words, the context is important:

22. “Bangalir 7ta maane 8ta…”

23. A match made in heaven:

24. Every Bangali dad is a Homoeopathy expert:

25. We’re an adda-baaj lot:

26. We take each other’s “greenterests” very seriously:

27. Jonmo… Conoshtipashon… Mrityu – That’s the Bong life:

28. The motherly love of Bangalis:

29. Rickshawala is the paatro:

30. You either don’t get to eat, or get bish, after this:

We are quirky, we are crazy… And, we love our lives. And so does the rest of the country.

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