Kolkata Auto with Rooftop Garden: Meet its Amazing DriverFeatured 

Kolkata Auto with Rooftop Garden: Meet its Amazing Driver

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The month of Baishakh is here, and the Darun Dahonbela is a constant reminder of the summer. And, on a resoundingly fiery afternoon in Kolkata, when the streets are ablaze and the constant feeling that your face is in front of the hair dryer, it’s not easy to travel in an auto. Yet, our bank balance stares at us judgmentally when we try to opt for Ola and Uber cabs every day. So, the coin-refusing auto-rickshaws are our safest bet. But to prove that not everyone is the same, there’s a driver speeding up and down the streets in a Kolkata auto with rooftop garden!

Yes, you read that right: a Kolkata auto with rooftop garden!

The owner of the auto is Bijay Pal, who runs up and down the Girish Park-Kankurgachi/Phoolbagan route. The top of his vehicle has a small garden – a real garden with grasses and saplings! The garden prevents the metal top of the vehicle from becoming overly hot, and it also absorbs the carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, which is not only present in the air but is also released by his LPG-run auto. It’s the application of primary-school science class lessons on how trees give oxygen, moisture, and shade!

Basically, it’s a mobile ecosystem, and the driver has been able to apply his knowledge intelligently. He takes great care of his vehicle, watering the grass and the plants, and spending a large part of his earnings to maintain his unique vehicle. Right below the rooftop garden are the wise words, “Gaachh bnachan, Praan bnachan,” meaning, “Save trees, save lives.”

Kolkata Auto with Rooftop Garden: Meet its Amazing Driver
Kolkata Auto with Rooftop Garden: Meet the Amazing Driver

Before this, Kolkata also saw its very own green taxi named Sabujraath, i.e. green chariot, on its streets. And now, Bijay Pal’s auto with its own lush rooftop garden is sending a loud and clear message to the citizens: find your own way to make a change for the better. And clearly, he is doing it every day, but adding a small moving patch of greenery to the city!

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