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Astey Ladies on hoichoi: A Web Series about Women on a Mission

Almost every woman faces the moment when she has to choose whether or not to fight for her dream. She wonders if it’s better to choose the safer option waiting for her, like a stable job instead of a business venture, the life of a homemaker instead of the 9-to-9 schedule. Most stories we come across, the women – whether real or fictional – end their fights for dreams by choosing what’s morally right. They sacrifice their goals in a heartbeat. Motherhood, forgiveness for a disrespectful man, loyalty for the sake of sustenance of marriage (however dysfunctional it may be) – these are supposedly the ‘right’ choices. But, for once, we have a Bangla story where three women go out to keep their dreams alive, no matter what! It’s Astey Ladies on hoichoi, a brand new web series about three women on a mission.

Astey Ladies on hoichoi: A Web Series about Women on a Mission
Astey Ladies on hoichoi: A Web Series about Women on a Mission

Astey Ladies on hoichoi: Plotline

The riveting story of Astey Ladies on hoichoi revolves around the lives of three women, Megha, Tani, and Lima, whose lives depend on their beauty and styling parlour, Salon de Paris. Megha is a former school teacher, and her husband doesn’t believe in her dreams. Tani is a fighter – literally and figuratively – because of the cards life her dealt her. And Lima is a bundle of youthful energy and innocent charm. Together, they run the parlour, and there’s nothing more important to them.

Trouble begins when the owner of the property where they have their salon setup serves them a notice and asks them to vacate the space. Their only other option is to give the property owner a massive sum of money as a security deposit. The girls are desperate to get the money; and, when they finally fail, they resort to something unthinkable – robbery! After a few successful and unsuccessful acts, they end up meeting Koushik, a man who involves them in a massive operation of robbing diamonds. The series, in nine episodes, describes the entire journey from planning to save Salon de Paris to participating in a diamond heist.

Astey Ladies on hoichoi - Sandipta, Saayoni, and Madhurima carrying guns
Astey Ladies on hoichoi: A Web Series about Women on a Mission

Why Astey Ladies deserves to be watched

What’s interesting is that the characters of Megha, Tani, and Lima have a relatable balance of fear, desperation, adrenaline-induced bravery, and the presence of mind, all of which are bound to affect a couple of robbing newbies hailing from simple families. Even as they gather the courage to do something bigger, their shakiness doesn’t go away, nor do they suddenly emerge as experts in the art of conning.

The series is held together by the fluid performances by some popular faces, like Sandipta, Sayoni, Saurav, Indrasish, and of course, Dipankar Dey. Newcomer Madhurima Ghosh, as Lima, has done a fantastic job, too. The series has a gripping style of storytelling, with moments of drama and humour that keep the viewer entertained. The content flows smoothly, with no forced moments of thrill, melodrama, or fun. The three leading women, however, are the lifeline of the series, as they emerge unapologetic for their ‘beg, borrow, steal’ act – as they chase their dreams. And, in the process, they do not stop to make way for anything that stops them.

Suffice it to say that Astey Ladies on hoichoi is one of the best-made series on the platform that deserves attention.

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