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3 Reasons to Watch Hello Web Series TODAY!

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One of the most talked about Bengali web series has to be Hello, starring Raima Sen, Priyanka Sarkar, and Joy Sengupta. With the first season of this series streaming on Hoichoi for over a year, almost everyone who follows Bengali entertainment is aware of the plotline. In case you are not, we must warn you that there might be a few spoilers coming up ahead, though we won’t give out the story of Hello web series on Hoichoi.

Hello Web Series on Hoichoi

And, here’s why you should binge-watch Hello web series!

Season 2 of Hello has also started streaming. And, it’s the perfect time to catch up and get addicted to the show. Here’s why:

A thriller like no other

So far, you can watch eight episodes of season 1 and two of season 2; and, you start biting your nails from the word go. Nandita receives a series of MMS that reveal her husband Anonyo’s affair with Nina; but who sends these to her and why? How is this anonymous person connected to Nina? What happens when the truth comes out in front of Nandita and Anonyo? Almost every episode offers a cliff-hanger, and the excitement might just kill you!

hello web series on hoichoi starring raima sen and priyanka sarkar
Why you should binge-watch Hello web series

A love story like no other

“Love” finds an interesting representation in the story. You’ll soon find that it’s a universal feeling, beyond restrictions of gender. And that’s where the maturity of handling a sensitive subject lies. There are multiple layers in the characters; and, while you’ll want to hate Nina, you won’t be able to stop yourself from empathising with her. Whether or not you condone her stalkerish actions and obsessive traits, you’ll recognise her love, as well.

Aggravating family drama like no other

It has everyday family drama, like holding a woman responsible for her husband’s adultery, resorting to gaslighting in the face of suspicion, and much more. It almost seems too dramatic, but the unbelievable things do happen to a woman, even within her family; they will make your blood boil. You’ll wonder why a woman becomes “Nosto Mey”, while men get a free pass as “Boys will be boys,” for the same sin.

hello web series on hoichoi starring raima sen and priyanka sarkar
Hello web series: Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Hoichoi

Love, betrayal, blackmail, war – Hello web series is a thriller drama that deserves your attention. Don’t miss it!

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  1. […] Hello is undoubtedly a never-seen-before Bengali web series, with many shades of grey. The other leading female of the series, Nina, might seem like the centre and source of all troubles; but, even her histrionic stalking and lying stems from what she thinks to be love. What seems like an unlikely love makes you wonder the extent to which someone can go for a person’s attention. The destruction of a relationship that seems like the doing of an outsider makes you question the foundation and stability of the relationship. […]

  2. […] featured her mother, Moon Moon Sen in the hoichoi Original film Borodin, and sister Raima Sen in Hello and Hello 2. Rachel, too, has flown in from Mumbai to kick-start the second season of the popular […]

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