Make Fear a Fitness Buddy, 'Coz Horror Movies Burn Calories!Cinema Dekha 

Make Fear Your Fitness Buddy, ‘Coz Horror Movies Burn Calories!

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For the inherently lazy fitness enthusiasts who really want to join the join but are pulled back by their lyadh and love for Netflix, there’s a good news. A recent study by the University of Westminster has revealed that watching horror movies burn calories. Yes, you read that right. Horror movies burn calories equivalent to a walk of 30 minutes. Now you have a new reason to sit on the couch and watch scary movies to burn calories, without feeling any guilt!

How can horror movies burn calories?

Make Fear a Fitness Buddy, 'Coz Horror Movies Burn Calories!
The Exorcist (by Indian Express)

For the research by theUniversity of Westminster, a small group of participants was made to watch a 90-min movie. Their oxygen intake, carbon dioxide output, and heart rate were all studied. The researchers came to the conclusion that watching scary movies help you lose weight by burning about 113 calories during a 90-min film, provided all the scariest moments are watched.

According to their study, the scariest movies to burn calories are as follows:

1. The Shining

Based on the Stephen King novel by the same name, this 1980 movie about a man and his family in a hotel with a horrifying past can burn 184 calories, and tops the chart of scariest movies.

2. Jaws

Who said scarring, scary movies must be about ghosts? The Steven Spielberg movie from 1974, inspired by Peter Benchley’s novel, is about a giant shark, and is scary enough to help burn 161 calories.

3.  The Exorcist

The third scariest movie to burn calories is The Exorcist is an adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s novel. The 1973 film, inspired by the incident of exorcism of Roland Doe in 1949, can help burn 158 calories.

The list of scary movies also include: Alien (152 cal), Saw (133 cal), A Nightmare on Elm Street (118 cal), Paranormal Activity (111 cal), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (107 cal), The Blair Witch Project (105 cal), and Rec (101 cal).

And, it doesn’t end there.

Earlier, it was found by the Coventry University that watching scary movies can increase the circulation of white blood cells in the body and hence boost your immunity. Sociologist and author Margee Kerr also claimed that having an experience of facing a powerful negative stimulus, like a good scary movie, can result in elevation of mood, and leave the person feeling happier and less anxious or frustrated.

Make Fear a Fitness Buddy, 'Coz Horror Movies Burn Calories!
Golpo Holeo Shotti (Book My Show)

Now that you know how horror movies make you lose weight, it’s time to feel happy about sitting on the couch and skipping the gym to Netflix. And, if you’re looking to get scared in Bangla, there are movies like Shob Bhooturey, Golpo Holeo Shotti, Khudito Pashan, etc. on Hoichoi. If anyone asks, just say that it’s making you healthier.

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