Travelling to Tangra: A Trip Down Kolkata Chinatown Khawa Dawa Ghurte Jawa 

Travelling to Tangra: A Trip Down Kolkata Chinatown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before the onslaught of the food delivery apps, before world cuisine had taken over Calcutta, before new restaurants and cafes were popping up every week, a meal outside was reserved for special occasions. And, dinner in one of the restaurants in Tangra was extra special. A trip to Tangra has always felt like... Read More
SRK holding a female tourist in her arms in the new West Bengal Tourism Ad Bangali Connection Khawa Dawa Ghurte Jawa 

New West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK will Give You A Major Wanderlust!

Reading Time: 3 minutes What do we think of when we think of West Bengal? We think of Durga Puja and the beautiful women. We think of Kalighat and Royal Bengal Tigers. And, we think of sweets – the celebrated roshogollas, misti doi, and more. But, Bengal is the centre... Read More
Hoyejak Travel Talk: Doladanga in Purulia, A Piece of Peace Khawa Dawa Ghurte Jawa 

Doladanga in Purulia - A Place to Experience Silence

Reading Time: 4 minutes The last weekend of February begins tomorrow. It’s the perfect opportunity to run away from city life and spend some quiet time. If it sounds tempting, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a place less than 300 km from Kolkata that will welcome you... Read More