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New West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK will Give You A Major Wanderlust!

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What do we think of when we think of West Bengal? We think of Durga Puja and the beautiful women. We think of Kalighat and Royal Bengal Tigers. And, we think of sweets – the celebrated roshogollas, misti doi, and more. But, Bengal is the centre of sweetness and not just sweets. From the people to their music, from their dialects to their habits – Bengal represents sweetness. And the new West Bengal Tourism ad starring SRK captures that very sweet essence of the land to give you major travel goals and make you fall in love with your Bangla all over again.

Ogilvy & Mather spins magic in the new WB Tourism ad, starring Shah Rukh Khan, capturing the beauty of West Bengal. It showcases the journey of a Bideshinee, i.e. a girl from outside India, who attends a traditional Bangali wedding in Bengal, before she embarks on her journey. She travels around Bengal, from the city of Kolkata to the mountains in North Bengal, and back again. During her journey, she experiences the many beauties of Bengal.

New West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK will Give You A Major Wanderlust!

The Bideshinee’s journey begins at the glorious Howrah Bridge, and she is left mesmerised by the creative and intellectual Kolkata, with wall paintings on one side and the roadside book market in Collge Street on the other hand. Eventually, she winds up gathering cherishable memories of the temples in Bishnupur, the Baul singers of Shantiniketan, Sunderban men wearing masks at the back of their heads, and much more.

SRK holding a female tourist in her arms in the new West Bengal Tourism Ad
West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK Gives Major Wanderlust!

She receives warm hospitality (and a delicious Bangali spread) at Murshidabad Kathgola Baganbari. From the virgin beaches of West Bengal with white beaches to the colourful Charida masks of the Chhau dancers in Purulia, the wide range of overwhelming beauty of West Bengal is presented in this video. Eventually, she leaves behind the beaches, cities, and red soil to reach the mountains laden with green tea-gardens, and takes a ride in Darjeeling Toy Train, the crown on the head of the Queen of the Hills.

Everywhere she goes, the Bideshinee’s experiences are enriched by the people she meets.

The woman in a bus who touches her forehead in prayer while passing the temple, the simple woman who gifts her a bracelet made of pebbles, or the tea-seller in the tea garden – they shower her with love, generosity, and simplicity. Some give her knowledge, and others introduce her to Bangla, Bangaliyana, and its many forms. The women in red and white sarees epitomise the grandeur of Durgotsav and Sindur Khela.

Tourist travelling in a market of Bankura horses and other pottery items in the new West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK
West Bengal Tourism Ad with SRK Gives Major Wanderlust!

And before she bids goodbye, she is back in Kolkata, when she receives a surprise: Shah Rukh Khan arrives for her, not on a horseback, but in the beloved tram. And he breaks into a song we all know and love: “Ami chini go chini tomare, ogo Bideshinee…” Yes, it’s true that at this point of the journey of the beautiful Bideshinee in the video, she and West Bengal know each other thoroughly.

This West Bengal tourism ad is more than just a travel video.

It actually encapsulates the culture, the heritage, and the habits of the people who make West Bengal what it is. And, it seems like poetic justice, as the king of romance represents the romantic West Bengal. And you cannot help but feel proud of this place, as you feel the strong desire within to pack your bags and run away, to explore West Bengal, the sweetest part of India.

Watch: SRK’s interview as he talks about West Bengal tourism:

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