About Us

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Hey you entertainment buffs! Welcome to hoyejak.com!

From the latest movie to the nostalgic cinema, from the quintessential Bengali adda (err…torko!) over Ray or Ghatak, from our very own Bumba Da to Khokababu Dev; we take our dose of ‘entertainment’ very, very seriously! This or that, here and there, a quirky typo in the name, to catch attention for the next eatery opening in town, to who’s the new viral Boudi, we have made Google, YouTube, Instagram, quite active verbs in our very own way! So why not Hoyejak?

As you are getting ready for office, or coming back, to the in-between coffee (a puff…anyone?) breaks at work, you quickly take a glance about what’s going on around you. And love it, hate it, you cannot simply ignore entertainment! And what’s life without it? Uhh, you do not even want to give it a thought for even a nanosecond, do you? So, Hoyejak.com is here to share it’s perceptions about entertainment, tech-talks, music, food, nostalgia, the latest buzz in tinsel town in a nutshell. And that too in the true Bengali flavours for you, fellow Bongs! And as we Bengalis have a poet, a writer ‘slightly’ hidden in us, why not let the storyteller in you come up with your thoughts. Become the Golpokar, become the reviewer of music, dramas, movies, be the photog, tell us about the short film that has really caught your attention. Feel free to share your take, about anything and everything you come across. Let’s Hoyejak!

Any suggestion? Want to contribute or meet us for an adda over chaa? Drop us an email at hoyejak@gmail.com right away. Cheers!!!